Long time no see.It seem to be my internet addict is recover.

After being busy with study,finally I graduated.*crying and shaking* And a whole month for searching a job--not exactly, a teacher who is friend of my friend called me that her faculty urgently need a Thai teacher,so I applied and passed the examinations both Eng and Thai.So now I become a teacher as I dream for.*crying and shaking again* Two day ago I moved to university's flat and met my roommate in very short time before brought things that are necessary.Free internet.Local Cable TV has quality channels like HBO,FOX,CNN,Cartoon Network.It's better than my current satellite TV (whose channel airs lived Panda in Changmai zoo.All she does is eating,sitting and sleeping.lol )

This university locates in North of Thailand.My home is near Bangkok.I love to teach there because that province has good clean weather.Cost of living is very cheap.People are friendly.In the North of Thailand,many travel spots I never been and it nears Laos.My dad who is unexpectedly was ordered to move occasionally near my province.My aunties has two closed friend retired teachers from this university and one still teaching as special teacher kindly give information and take care me there.My friends who respects God said God favors me.I think I be there because many help from good people who supports me,epically my advisers, my family and my friends who gives advices and encouraged me when I gave up.I think I cannot get though hard study and finish thesis without them.My old friend also help me typed two chapters--I wrote by myself,of course!--for whole two days and two nights after thesis had to edited by commentators' comments.*gratitude* :)

Today I collect old articles,sheets,text book and prepares teaching for next week.Tomorrow is first train day for commencement.If I absent,I cannot be in the real day.In Thai,prince or princess gives you a degree paper as honor.So I have to prepare lecture and presentation for who teach instead me.Just finish and send them via personal e-mail.So dizzy.(@-@) And tomorrow night,I will be on mail bus and sleep,then wake up and teach in next morning.Yay!

Well,my roommate is an art teacher she hangs her paintings around our living room.Her old roommate moved away because she has to study in Doctor Degree but still leave furniture ; a refrigerator and a huge old wooden bed.So the living room is untidy.I stared on the painting on MY bedroom door and decided to take the liberty--removed her painting.Star Trek poster will replace it for sure.>:)

To see Ebay page and Tumblr after stop checking for months make me so happy--new funny ST picture and Nimoy photos are around.But e mail and comments have to wait for now.I just give a quick look and go on prepare teaching.

Tintorera gave an interesting suggestion for teaching I keep in mind while I was on teaching test.This advice seems to be simple and useful at same time as Graziepeppa comments.So I post it here.

Define the aim of your lesson for yourself and try to arouse students' interest in the subject. Stay calm and friendly, even if not everything works out the way you planned it. If student seem to lack motivation, don't take it personally.

:sunny:See you soon,my beloved fandom.:sunny:

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2011-06-12 в 20:44 

Where there's no emotion, there's no motive for violence
Congratulations! :white:
And nice to see you again!

2011-06-13 в 00:18 

jiggy pepper
great events, congratulations! Good luck with the students))

2011-06-15 в 13:41 

Danielle Silver
Капатан USS Unstoppable * фейспалмы даром!
Welcome back, dear! We missed you :heart:

2011-06-20 в 08:43 

helen stoner
I don't believe in the no-win scenario (c)
My congratulations! :woopie:


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