Leonard Nimoy Self-Portrait :)))


It's own by his ex secreatary before sold on Ebay.Lovely,isn't it?

Original caption on Ebay : One-of-a-kind! Leonard Nimoy "doodled" this self-portrait in 1978 on the back of the menu while having one of many dinner meetings w/long-time (20+ years) personal assistant Teresa E. Victor. The self-portrait measures approximately 10"x12" and is in blue ink . "Casa Cugat" was one of Mr. Nimoy's and Ms. Victor's favorite mexican restaurants, not just because of the great food/drink, but because they both thought Mr. Nimoy bore a striking resemblance to the character on the menu cover. "Casa Cugat" was located on the famous restaurant row on La Cienega Blvd, in Los Angeles and was frequented by many celebrities of the day. It closed sometime in the 1980's.
The portrait is initialed "L" which is one of Mr. Nimoy's trademarks. According to close sources, Ms. Victor identified the portrait as Leonard Nimoy and was "doodled" as described above. It is in mint condition considering its age of 30 years. The photos do not do the portrait justice. The actual menu measures approximately 10"x15" and is on thick menu paper. This item, along with other "Star Trek" memorabilia, was acquired via inheritance from the Estate of Teresa E. Victor's private collection. It was one of her most cherised momentos. Perfect addition to any avid "Leonard Nimoy (Mr. Spock) " collector! Please email us w/specific questions and we shall respond promptly. PayPal is our preferred mode of payment; however, we will also accept money orders/cashiers' checks. If you have had any negative feedback within the last six months, please do not bother bidding. Serious bidders only please. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS . Shipping/handling = $15 (US) / International shipping to be determined (approximately $25). We pack items very well and ship w/tracking numbers.

Source : http://www.worthpoint.com/

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2011-03-03 в 20:51 

H. Z.
More rum, please.
some... self-critically! and so pretty :lol:
thank u! он очарователен )))

2011-03-03 в 23:07 

Но что бежишь под дождем, что стоишь под дождем – намокаешь одинаково (с)
ribbonrain :five: interesting portrait! similar :D

2011-03-03 в 23:18 

Homo homini felis est!
It's funny)) And he seemed to have moustache that period.

2011-03-03 в 23:58 

Но что бежишь под дождем, что стоишь под дождем – намокаешь одинаково (с)
H. Z. self-critically!
wanted say the same thing :D читать дальше

2011-03-04 в 00:47 

jiggy pepper
The interesting description and terrible drawing))
Is their favourite restaurant, Leonard often came and likely has covered with drawings all menus) It forced waiters to serve it quickly that it didn't spoil all :-D

2011-03-04 в 00:50 

Но что бежишь под дождем, что стоишь под дождем – намокаешь одинаково (с)
orifo that it didn't spoil all

2011-03-04 в 00:56 

jiggy pepper
Puding дык, натура увлекающаяся :gigi:


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