Nimoy : Assault on the Wayne 1970


In this movie, LEONARD NIMOY stars as the captain of a submarine testing out anti-missile technology. The problem is that some of his own crew are traitors trying to steal the technology and kill him. Can he stop them?

I find TV promo with a bit better quality than movie here ( in 5.54-6.10).But the movie doen't exciting as the promo shows.:)

Watch full movie online here.

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2011-02-21 в 20:23 

Captain Brave! )))
The movie might be not exciting, but it is pretty interesting, and Len has got a fine part in it ) With a very imposing name :gigi:

Thanks for the quality photos! )

2011-02-21 в 20:31 

Danielle Silver
Капатан USS Unstoppable * фейспалмы даром!

2011-02-21 в 20:32 

Homo homini felis est!
thanks for a working link and for ability of enjoying Leonard)))

2011-02-21 в 21:05 

cuppa_tea Danielle Silver Кнедлик Welcome gals.I think you all watched it.But I like to post with quality photos.Sadly they are small.And movie,this is the best we got for now.

2011-02-21 в 21:10 

Where there's no emotion, there's no motive for violence
Nice pics! Thank you!
I saw this film, and I liked it. It's rather interesting and Len is so cute there in his captain uniform!

2011-02-21 в 21:18 

Barbuzuka You speak my mind.:sunny:

2011-02-21 в 22:53 

jiggy pepper
beautiful photo! I love this movie, especially after the cuppa_tea told all the details))
ну и конечно мир во всем мире (с) страдающий Леонардушка во всей красе :inlove:

2011-02-21 в 23:30 

ribbonrain What a beautiful Leonard! (i fainted )))))
Photos of very good quality!! I want the movie in the same quality !!!)))) I know that it exists! This movie - very, very tragic. The captain is very seriously ill, I cried ...

2011-02-22 в 10:57 

orifo You're welcome.:sunny:Зеленый эльф I want the movie in the same quality !!!)))) I know that it exists! There's a better version movie than full movie link I posted? Where!? I do need DVD quality in my collection.:jump4:

2011-02-22 в 11:21 

ribbonrain I use an online translator to translate. It is a pity that sometimes turns misunderstanding :) ))))))))
It seems to me, I hope, I guess I'm dreaming that there is a version of the film with good quality, which is better than on youtube. But we do not have it, unfortunately.

2011-02-22 в 18:43 

Зеленый эльф Don't sad,honey.I believe someday we will got it! Good news may make you feel better,The Lieutenant (Remember? The movie Nimoy takes off his shirt without a proper reason.) will arrive in DVD this year.:sunny:

2011-02-22 в 23:42 

ribbonrain You, too, like Mr. Nimoу takes off his shirt without a proper reason? ;-)
I see - that this thing like the whole planet) :crzfan:
You talk about such miracles that I begin to fear for my mental health. If I see Mr. Nimoy in an episode of The Lieutenant-quality DVD, I - :buh: :buh: :fly:

2011-02-23 в 05:35 

Зеленый эльф You, too, like Mr. Nimoу takes off his shirt without a proper reason? ;-)Yes,indeed.hahaha I don't know what brain is anymore.
Looking forward to see his hair chest,line by line.A-haem! And quality show.A-hem!

2011-02-24 в 00:53 

ribbonrain You are right, the picture is very symbolic !))))


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