William Shatner and Star Trek book and magazine scan

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William Shatner
3 pages with 6 pictures
Total File Size: 7.75 MB 
William Shatner with his (ex) wife,Gloria and kids and dog.

All About Star Trek Fanclub
68 pages
Total File Size: 138 MB
There is some water damage on the first few pages of the "All About Star Trek Fanclubs" magazine, unfortunately. Star Trek,William Shatner An Evening with WS, Filmography, TV Yearbook,Womrn on Star Trek,Nichelle Nichols,Majel Barrett,Nimoy,Captian Pike,Fanart etc.

Science & Fantasy Film Classics
34 pages with Star Trek,Starship,fanart
Total File Size: 66.3 MB

American Cinematographer
7 pages with 16 pictures
Total File Size: 15.1 MB

DeForest Kelley_1
3 pages with 1 pictures
Total File Size: 6.09 MB

DeForest Kelley_2
3 pages with 2 pictures
Total File Size: 4.43 MB

Below I shared on LJ before.I bring it back for who miss them.There're William Shatner articals.Click artical title to see and download on Photobucket.

Artical 1
I Don't Want A Divorce!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 2
I'll Do Anything To Win Back My Wife!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 3
Moment of Terror!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 4
Bill Shatner: Restless Man Looking for a Challenge
4 pages with 5 picture (Photos Review)

You much take time for read them,so feel free to come back to leave comment whenever you like to.Tell me edit entry if you find error.I love to know what you think and if you spread it outside here,please post link.I love to quietly stalk.

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