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Spock cry for V'ger scene

It starts at 2:37 in this video. Kirk goes up to Spock and Spock spins around in his chair, showing us that he’s crying. Kirk says/asks, “Not for us?” and Spock answers him like he’s being silly and says, “No, Captain, not for us. For V’ger.”

Thank Bigmamag again<3

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What happiness is

And my respond is this.

Gif made by bigmamag  by my request.You make my day.(;-;)

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Question : Leonard Nimoy on The Carol Burnett Show

Mr. Spock shows up at Carol's apartment. (source)

This photo appears online for long time and I think it's interesting.So I need more information before decide to buy DVD.On IMDB (Click link to see its web page.)it's "The Carol Burnett Show" season 1 episode 12

Anyone ever watched it? I check DVD information on Amazon but it's massive.Which  one Nimoy in?

Or anyone have it,please share.<3

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Ribbonrain : Thai Trekkie and Nimoy fangirl