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Nimoy in white suit

Just find new Nimoy photo from "The Sun Also rises" 1984.White suit sets to kill.Much spread<3

If you interested in see more photo fromMy The Sun Also Rises 1984 Album

In my opinian,story is so booooooring.I watched it for Nimoy only.Hamingway works I never read but watched "Old Man and the Sea" IMAX animation.Wonderful picture.But I don't understand concept.Heard it show human passion.I feel pity for fish.:P

More info and Videos.Here.

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Be my Valentine!

As it's Valentine day,happy Valentine day<3 Have a great time with who you love and care.:)

We love you,Leonard.

Love Free Us

Leonard Nimoy and Michael Forest as prisoners in “Deathwatch” (1966) movie.Based on a play by Jean Genet, a small-time thief battles with his gay cellmate over a third illiterate, muscular convict.It’s one of my personal recommend Nimoy movie for adult.

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Seizure: The Story Of Kathy Morris (1980)

Mustached Doctor with bald patient

I posted video by request.Personally,I think his mustach is irritated.(Shave it,Leonard!)But it seems to be attractive for audiances.Watch full movie here.

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Nimoy : Assault on the Wayne 1970


In this movie, LEONARD NIMOY stars as the captain of a submarine testing out anti-missile technology. The problem is that some of his own crew are traitors trying to steal the technology and kill him. Can he stop them?

I find TV promo with a bit better quality than movie here ( in 5.54-6.10).But the movie doen't exciting as the promo shows.:)

Watch full movie online here.

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Leonard Nimoy Self-Portrait :)))

It's own by his ex secreatary before sold on Ebay.Lovely,isn't it?

Original caption

Source : http://www.worthpoint.com/

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In search of: Nimoy/Spock with his car photos

I've been trying to got whole of this photo set.Please share yrs,if you got one or without watermark.I will be very thankful. Ok.I find a program can easily remove it.Yeah!

Any one know story behind photos? Spilt it out!


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Leonard Nimoy as a high school boy 1948

Leonard Nimoy as a high school boy 1948

Leonard S. Nimoy

87 Chamber Street,Boston

School : William Blackstone
Honor Averages : G1,E2
Activity: Discussion and Dramatic
Clubs; Switchboard 2,3,4;
School Radio Play 2,3; Tenth
Grade School Spelling Champion

More photos and source

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Question : Leonard Nimoy on The Carol Burnett Show

Mr. Spock shows up at Carol's apartment. (source)

This photo appears online for long time and I think it's interesting.So I need more information before decide to buy DVD.On IMDB (Click link to see its web page.)it's "The Carol Burnett Show" season 1 episode 12

Anyone ever watched it? I check DVD information on Amazon but it's massive.Which  one Nimoy in?

Or anyone have it,please share.<3

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The Man Between The Ears : Leonard Nimoy biography book

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LN Charming libs<3

12.03.2011 в 15:10
Пишет Barbuzuka:

С добрым утром!

URL записи

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Zombies of the Stratosphere in color!

Provided by ame_no_yume

Download here.

I'm not sure it was shared before?

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Stand by, Lights Camera Action Host

12.03.2011 в 21:58
Пишет lizzzzzik:

Standby: Lights, Camera, Action!
решила почистить черновики, а то там все куда-то внезапно пропадает:)))

Standby: Lights, Camera, Action!


читать дальше

URL записи

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A Much Find : Dapper Nimoy on The Mike Douglas Show

Original Description

The Pointy Ears Are Gone,But Dig That Crooked Mustache!

Leonard Nimoy, alias Mr.Spock from T's "Star Trek", takes on several different identities as he displays his character-acting prowss on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW on Monday May 07 1973 (Show#MD 0430/73) at...on channel... He tries out his romantic French accent and not-too-authentic crooked mustache for MIKE and his guests DON MURRY, actress NANCY FOX, psychies MR. AND MRS. PETER URKOS, and cohosts MARTIN MILNER AND KENT MC CORD.

Source : Ebay

I search for video and more information,but don't find it on http://www.leonardnimoy.de/ and from other sources episode date is not same.(((

The Mike Douglas Show Himself December 7, 1978
The Mike Douglas Show Himself Week of April 30, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself October 4, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself April 26, 1967
The Mike Douglas Show Himself February 5, 1980
The Mike Douglas Show Himself December 21, 1973
The Mike Douglas Show Himself June 17, 1977

Source : http://www.tv.com/leonard-nimoy/person/3471/appearances.html

The Mike Douglas Show (TV series)
– Episode dated 28 December 1973 (1973) … Himself

From http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000559/

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Nimoy commercial for "Next Frontier of Social Networking"

Nimoy commercial for "Next Frontier of Social Networking"

Nimoy promotes Optik TV from Telus, which they describe as the "Next Frontier of Social Networking" (via williamcalestewart on YouTube)


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What happiness is

And my respond is this.

Gif made by bigmamag  by my request.You make my day.(;-;)

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Spock cry for V'ger scene

It starts at 2:37 in this video. Kirk goes up to Spock and Spock spins around in his chair, showing us that he’s crying. Kirk says/asks, “Not for us?” and Spock answers him like he’s being silly and says, “No, Captain, not for us. For V’ger.”

Thank Bigmamag again<3

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"The Powers of Matthew Star" Episode The Triangle 1982 [Nimoy directs]


Suspense Thetre : Kill No More

I'm uploading it on YouTube while I go out to excersise.Here're HD video on my FB.
300 mb.AVI.DL link brought to you by Amalie1701 a lovely mystery friend who never shows full face on Facebook.

Watch full episode under cut
Leonard Nimoy plays a small role as a scientist's bodyguard who has conflict with his work to makes cobolt bomb dangerouse weapon to kill people and his young lovely lonely wife needs.And 006!


A fangirl note : I personally love Nimoy's hair style shows his forehead and the way he scracts his cheek.:<img class="

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Drag Net : The Big Boy Full Episode on YouTube

A retro Crime tv series With young Leonard Nimoy as a jerk with strange mustache.

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Colt 45 : Night of Decision

My thank to MortClio upload Colt.45 ,Night of Decision episode by my request.

Leonard Nimoy appearance went out so much better than my expected! He pops up at 4.20 [Press 4 button,ladies.This tip I learn today.]Watch by yourself.Now I'm watching part 1 over and over again like crazy.Screencaps will post later.I recommend this video for Nimoy and western series fans.

Off topic.Wayde Preston is so handsome.Is he a prototype of Rattlesnake in Rango? That hat! That mustache! I just watch this movie today.

Colt 45

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Ribbonrain : Thai Trekkie and Nimoy fangirl