Introduct Myself

I'm new on this website.
I cannot read Russian.:pozdr3:
I love Nimoy and active to find his stuffs,make his video channel on YouTube,his photo on Tumblr.And quitely sneek around LiveJournal.
I love to have new friends who share interest in Star Trek and Nimoy.

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oh! Hello Kerry-lla! I'm in search of Russian comm.Nice to meet you.Speak whatever lnguage you like to.heehee:jump4:


To explore strange new world--Diary.ru

Ok.I changed theme and finf the way to add avatars.Post comment is not hard as I though.People here espicially who orifo recommended are so active and fun.I plan to use tis account to leave comment.And maybe write and share stuff in ShatnerNimoy comm..if only I find the way...

Where is the hell that comm and how to apply!?



On Prime Detective

Ok.I can read nimoyshatner comm and survey whole picture.In conclusion it is FACINATING.

The next step is post an entry--in Russian!?--or ask someone post.Trolololo


Nimoy in white suit

Just find new Nimoy photo from "The Sun Also rises" 1984.White suit sets to kill.Much spread<3

If you interested in see more photo fromMy The Sun Also Rises 1984 Album

In my opinian,story is so booooooring.I watched it for Nimoy only.Hamingway works I never read but watched "Old Man and the Sea" IMAX animation.Wonderful picture.But I don't understand concept.Heard it show human passion.I feel pity for fish.:P

More info and Videos.Here.

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Be my Valentine!

As it's Valentine day,happy Valentine day<3 Have a great time with who you love and care.:)

We love you,Leonard.

Love Free Us

Leonard Nimoy and Michael Forest as prisoners in “Deathwatch” (1966) movie.Based on a play by Jean Genet, a small-time thief battles with his gay cellmate over a third illiterate, muscular convict.It’s one of my personal recommend Nimoy movie for adult.

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Seizure: The Story Of Kathy Morris (1980)

Mustached Doctor with bald patient

I posted video by request.Personally,I think his mustach is irritated.(Shave it,Leonard!)But it seems to be attractive for audiances.Watch full movie here.

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More Goodies : Star Trek book and magazine scan

William Shatner and Star Trek book and magazine scan

File name: More_Goodies.zip
File description: more goodies ST articles
File size: 236.72 MB

Download here.
Try Mirrow Link  If Rapid sucks!

Brought to you by Christine.Visit her Leonard Nimoy fan web site at Beyond Spock and her Nimoy videos page on YouTube.

File detail

Click links to preview  or download each folder  on Photobucket

William Shatner
3 pages with 6 pictures
Total File Size: 7.75 MB 
William Shatner with his (ex) wife,Gloria and kids and dog.

All About Star Trek Fanclub
68 pages
Total File Size: 138 MB
There is some water damage on the first few pages of the "All About Star Trek Fanclubs" magazine, unfortunately. Star Trek,William Shatner An Evening with WS, Filmography, TV Yearbook,Womrn on Star Trek,Nichelle Nichols,Majel Barrett,Nimoy,Captian Pike,Fanart etc.

Science & Fantasy Film Classics
34 pages with Star Trek,Starship,fanart
Total File Size: 66.3 MB

American Cinematographer
7 pages with 16 pictures
Total File Size: 15.1 MB

DeForest Kelley_1
3 pages with 1 pictures
Total File Size: 6.09 MB

DeForest Kelley_2
3 pages with 2 pictures
Total File Size: 4.43 MB

Below I shared on LJ before.I bring it back for who miss them.There're William Shatner articals.Click artical title to see and download on Photobucket.

Artical 1
I Don't Want A Divorce!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 2
I'll Do Anything To Win Back My Wife!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 3
Moment of Terror!
8 pages with 4 picture

Artical 4
Bill Shatner: Restless Man Looking for a Challenge
4 pages with 5 picture (Photos Review)

You much take time for read them,so feel free to come back to leave comment whenever you like to.Tell me edit entry if you find error.I love to know what you think and if you spread it outside here,please post link.I love to quietly stalk.

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Nimoy : Assault on the Wayne 1970


In this movie, LEONARD NIMOY stars as the captain of a submarine testing out anti-missile technology. The problem is that some of his own crew are traitors trying to steal the technology and kill him. Can he stop them?

I find TV promo with a bit better quality than movie here ( in 5.54-6.10).But the movie doen't exciting as the promo shows.:)

Watch full movie online here.

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The Man Between The Ears : Leonard Nimoy biography book

The Man Between The Ears : Leonard Nimoy biography book
tintorera sent "Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy : The Man Between The Ears" to me from Germany *Ribbonrain Reaction*

PicSpam from LN biography book in honor of our friendship<3

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I khannnnnnnnnnn't find the way to post entry on nimoyshatner community.Reading option/help doesn't tell how to.*crying and shaking* Anyone can tell me or help me post entry?


More Goodies : William Shatner and Star Trek book and magazine scan

William Shatner and Star Trek book and magazine scan

Download and Preview file.Thank for comment.


A little question about William Shatner


Attendtion please!

Who cannot read my entry,"Vincent: the full lenght play" below.Tell me.I am newbie here and as I said I cannot read Russian.Maybe I set option wrong.If you're interest in Nimoy/and/or Star Trek I have no reason to block you.


I add you back.

I think I did mistake when I wrote entry.All friend're gone.Now I add back.Don't be amazed.I don't know Russian lang.^^;;


Leonard Nimoy Self-Portrait :)))

It's own by his ex secreatary before sold on Ebay.Lovely,isn't it?

Original caption

Source : http://www.worthpoint.com/

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In search of: Nimoy/Spock with his car photos

I've been trying to got whole of this photo set.Please share yrs,if you got one or without watermark.I will be very thankful. Ok.I find a program can easily remove it.Yeah!

Any one know story behind photos? Spilt it out!


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Shatner/Kirk with his or not his car/bikes photos(Tee hee)

I posted In search of: Nimoy/Spock with his car photos so I write this entry to relate my last post.William Shatner with cars and bicycles.

Photos under cut.Not in particular favorite.

Thank you for your attendtion.

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Making a Scene - 30 Years of Genies

William Shatner bites his old golden shirt like a baby.

Is it shrunken?

Find the answer in "Making a Scene - 30 Years of Genies".Watch full video here.Around 20.00-22.00 :)))

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Gene Roddenberry as a High School boy

Young Gene Roddenberry as a high school student

1937 Los Angeles Benjamin Franklin High School yearbook which pictures Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, as a Sophomore.He appears in two group club shots, and is clear in both, but quite small.
Source : Ebay

1930's Los Angeles California high school Annual
Source: Ebay

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Ribbonrain : Thai Trekkie and Nimoy fangirl