On Prime Detective

Ok.I can read nimoyshatner comm and survey whole picture.In conclusion it is FACINATING.

The next step is post an entry--in Russian!?--or ask someone post.Trolololo


To explore strange new world--Diary.ru

Ok.I changed theme and finf the way to add avatars.Post comment is not hard as I though.People here espicially who orifo recommended are so active and fun.I plan to use tis account to leave comment.And maybe write and share stuff in ShatnerNimoy comm..if only I find the way...

Where is the hell that comm and how to apply!?



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03.02.2011 в 18:31


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oh! Hello Kerry-lla! I'm in search of Russian comm.Nice to meet you.Speak whatever lnguage you like to.heehee:jump4:


Introduct Myself

I'm new on this website.
I cannot read Russian.:pozdr3:
I love Nimoy and active to find his stuffs,make his video channel on YouTube,his photo on Tumblr.And quitely sneek around LiveJournal.
I love to have new friends who share interest in Star Trek and Nimoy.

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